At Yazawa Meat, the material we use are shortlisted from the highest-quality Japanese Blacks, plus our own standards. You can feel the sophistication in every slice of meat and the way they are grilled. The freshness is a sure thing, but you can also enjoy it with a feel of assurance in quality which we are extremely proud of.

"YAZAWA BEEF" has received great affection from many celebrities, Hollywood stars and gourmet from the all over the world.

Beside from Yakiniku, we also serve a diverse menu of Japanese cuisine as a way to promote our food culture. Here at Yazawa, we offer sommelier service and more than 70 types of wine and sake which make delicious duos with our Yakiniku.

We also provide arrangements for special occasions such as birthday and celebration. Please feel free to make such request.

Indulge yourself in our hospitality and enjoy to the fullest.


The only beef ingredient served at Yazawa Meat is A5 Beef - the highest grade in Japanese beef ranking. The meat is put under close evaluation and careful selection by our proficient craftsmen. We have strong confidence in the premium quality and freshness of our Japanese Black Beef.

Freshness and Quality

The beef we use is 100% fresh chilled beef imported from the Japan. That is why Yazawa is the only restaurant where you can enjoy the fresh, exclusive, most delicious cut of beef in yukhoe or sushi.



However high the meat’s quality is, cutting can create a big difference in its flavor. We conduct deliberate examination for every cut of beef. For most of the time, the cutting process is operated by hand rather than slicer. On top of that, in order for easy grilling, we also pay attention to light scoring. We want our customers to taste the beef at its best state.

Yazawa's Cuisine

From appetisers, main courses to desserts, our menu features and offers a wide range of Japanese cuisines. Take your time and enjoy Japanese food culture with our modernly-designed traditional menu.


Food and wine

We own a top-class wine cellar and a perfect environment for preserving the finest quality of wine. We also provide over 70 lines of wine that can make amazing flavor combination with Yakiniku.


Japanese Sake

In order for you to enjoy Sake - a pride in our traditional culture, more than 10 Sake brands that went through strict selection from all over Japan will also be served.


Your experience with Yazawa

There is no other restaurant where you can have the same experience as you do here. Yazawa is where you can taste the finest deliciousness of beef while taking pleasure in watching a skillful barbecuing. At the same time, our friendly and well-versed sommelier will recommend you the best matching taste of wine.